Having a collection of different jewelry items is a very important asset today. You can have some silver jewelry, some gold jewelry, some diamond jewelry and some platinum jewelry all in your possession for a couple of reasons. First, you can wear different pieces on different occasions as per your choice and getup, and certainly look your best. Next, your jewelry can be very useful when you suffer from shortage of money as you can sell some of those and get the much-needed cash. Selling some old and out of fashion jewelry can help boost your account anyway even though you are not in serious need of money. Whatever be the reason; whenever you sell your silver or other jewelry for cash, make sure you’ve opted for the right ways so that you can get the maximum profit.

Whether you sell platinum jewelry or gold jewelry, or silver accessories, selling jewelry online happens to be the easiest and most comfortable way of making high profits. If you have some old gold jewelry and want to know how to sell your gold jewelry for cash, visit our website and follow the procedure mentioned there. You will have to order the WeBuyGold envelope by filling out the form on the right of our website, then you will get our GoldKit by mail on the same day. Next, you need to pack your unwanted jewelry (gold, silver, diamond or platinum) in that envelope send us via Canada Post or any other courier provider. Upon receiving the GoldKit we will evaluate your jewelry and issue the check on the same day. Getting the maximum cash for your unused jewelry is that easy.

Apart from check payment we also offer other payment options like bank wire, direct deposits, Paypal and E-transfers. We offer the highest security for your jewelry too.

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